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Published on: August 20, 2014

When you need web hosting services you have hundred of hosting providers to choose from. However you really don’t need just average providers. It is always vital to go for high quality web hosting services which will reflect your needs. If you get web hosting best services the n your company or venture will be positively perceived online. On the other hand if you get bad services that are unreliable then you will have a bad reflection online and no one will visit your site at all. Here are some of the basic factors you need to have in mind when going for top notch web hosting:


This is a key aspect. Reliable web hosting services have to relate to claimed server uptime. High quality web hosting companies will give an uptime of around 99%. A hosting company that is down will always see you lose too much traffic so there will be no visitors for your site at all. Good uptime will definitely impact your income because you will always enjoy sufficient web presence. The best way of knowing uptime is to check customer feedback or reviews. Generally most renowned and dependable companies have managed to satisfy their customers and so they will always get positive reviews.

Disc Space


Web hosting best disc space is that which is able to accommodate all your uploading needs. Your site will need videos, files and images so this also has to be your major consideration. However, if you will have a static site which will not need too much multimedia and data requirements then you will need small hosting space. All in all you never know what your site will need in future so it is advisable to go for a hostgator coupon web hosting services which can are flexible enough for future upgrade. When you can upgrade your hosting package it means that you can have a better popularity in the future.


This will depend on what type of website do you need hosted. If you need HTML or WordPress website then you will have to ask whether the hosts have a nice plan which has a bandwidth sufficient enough for your website. What determines the bandwidth is what amount of data that can be transferred between your customers or daily site visitors and your business website. Most web hosting services also have extra features and add-ons like blogger building tools, video producer tools, live training lessons, conference room tool and prospecting system which is so important when you want to manage your website.

Finally when you need web hosting services then you will also have to consider your budget as well. Web hosting best prices for services have to be reliable enough and not over the roof. Even though you might come across numerous companies which offer free web hosting services you never know if they will keep up with free hosting needs. Therefore it is always wiser to pay for the services but negotiate a discounted deal. Some companies will give you good deals like 25% discount of the entire price.

Top Web Hosting Sites

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Published on: August 6, 2014

Finding the right hosting company is now made easy by the webmasters. These masters have surfed almost everywhere to help you get the hosting company that you rightfully deserve and their experience and level of expertise, here we are going to witness the top web hosting sites that have created a revolution in the world of hosting companies.

#1- IPage- Designed To Perfection for Any Site

This is amongst the top rated hosting company that is getting popular with the growing period of time. The company offers amazing host plans which starts from $1.99 per month. Along with that, it even offers many other exceptional features such as well designed photo gallery software, easy to use site builder with the help of which you can create your site, anytime and anywhere you want, and even an all in one online store. These features are well supported by endless add-ons such unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, and unlimited MySQL data base too. Basically, this is a US based hosting company that offers customer service from US accounted by 24X7 live chat, email and telephone too.

#2- Web Hosting Hub- Make Your Own Website


This is a respectable hosting company that is packed with a plethora of features, and tools too. The hosting services that are offered by Web Hosting Hub are particularly used for small business, and have the capability to handle wide range of traffic. The shared hosting packages that are brought by this hosting company are truly one a kind and best for those entrepreneurs who are looking for a value for money hosting service. The services are reliable and easy to use, which makes it a must try hosting company.

#3- Host Metro- Easy, Compatible and Best for business

Host Metro is a spectacular hosting giant that works on promoting quality services to the customers. This hosting company gives a tough competition to other popular companies like Blue Host, Go Daddy and Host Gator too. The main idea that makes this company little different from other companies is that, the services that are provided here, are given at affordable rates, and at amazing deals for new customers. But, this concept is hard to find at other popular sites, who serve a neck to neck completion with Host Metro. Yet again, it’s a developing hosting company, which is themed to bring the best for your business.

#4- Blue Host- Reputable and Easy to Use

This is a popular web hosting company that is made its mark from almost a decade. This hosting company is equipped with amazing tools, builders, packages and a lot more. But, the only thing that brings this web hosting site at the last number is the price of the packages. The prices of the packages that are brought by Blue Host are a little expensive when compared to other hosting companies. But, at the same time one thing can be noted here, that Blue Host even brings exceptional coupons and promo codes on various occasions which can be used by the customers to receive discounts on the renewal of their hosting contract.

The World of Personal Web Hosting

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Published on: July 29, 2014

There are several reasons why you may want to go for personal web hosting. These include:

  • When you do not expect a lot of traffic on your site.
  • When you are not ready to sell any product.
  • When you want to save on costs.
  • When you only want to run a site as a hobby.
  • When you want to run a blog or a journal.
  • When you want to use your site as a business card.
  • When you wan to familiarize yourself with the techniques of website building and designing.

The world of personal website hosting is for people who want have a site for ‘not so serious’ purposes. It is a world for people who do not want any complications when trying to host or run a site. If one wants to sell products and build huge traffic on their site, then it is wise to go for the convectional web hosting services.

Essentials of Personal Website Hosting

Several things are needed when you are hosting a personal website. These include:

  • Domain name

This is the URL that makes it possible for people to identify your site. It is like your physical address. Some service providers provide the domain name freely while others will charge you a minimal fee for it.

  • Disk space

You do not need too much disk space for a personal web hosting. You could utilize 500 megabyte only. However, if you will have a lot of uploads, it is essential that you find more disk space from your service provider.

  • Shared hosting

You will need to share the same space with other servers when it comes to personal hosting. There is no need to go for the complicated and expensive dedicated server in this case.

  • Bandwidth

You will only need little bandwidth in personal hosting because your site will not be generating a lot of traffic. You can choose between 15-30 gigabytes of bandwidth. Note that more bandwidth is required if you are a celebrity and that your site will attract a lot of traffic within a short time.

  • FTP account

This account allows you to upload files to the hosting company. You will only require two accounts in this case.

Choosing the Right Personal Website Hosting Service Provider

Once you choose the right web hosting company, it becomes easy to run a website. They will offer you with the right support and information so that you make the right choices.

The best company has specialized services for personal hosting. It also has experienced and skilled employees who can offer directions on the web hosting. Essentially, they will offer you the best services that enable your site to thrive, and hence helping you attain the success that you need.

It is very important to research on the best companies, and hence find out information on the packages that they can offer you. The best ones will offer you a chance to upgrade your site as your demands change and as you identify new needs. They will also offer you the best rates for the services. These companies can be located from the online sources.

Save Big On Hosting With A Hostgator 25% Off Coupon

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Published on: July 20, 2014

As technology is growing, web hosting has become necessary for many business types. HostGator is one of the popular names in the list of web hosting companies today. By opting for HostGator you can get many benefits like reliable hosting services and money savings.

HostGator is a 13 year old web hosting company. Over the years the company has grown and improved based on the consumer’s feedback and requirements. This company has been able to attract more and more customers based on the satisfactory reviews of existing or first time users.

Not all customers can afford to go for a web hosting services which are costly. Hence HostGator has implemented various discount coupon offers which has made them well known in the market. Web designing, advertising, marketing or any such service is done online via web hosting services. By selecting hostgator coupon you are sure to save money and invest the saved money for some other purpose.


HostGator 25% off coupon is one such offer that can be used for any web hosting services. This coupon helps in maximum savings. For example; if you select annual plan of 1-3 years you will get 25% off on the 1st invoice. Baby plan is the recommended hosting option since it allows hosting unlimited domains at a very low cost. You can find the coupon code for this on many online websites. 25 off coupon take 25% off from the hosting cost.

Apart from the discount packages the coupon also provide benefits such as 45 day cash back guarantee, unlimited disk space and internet bandwidth, 99.9% up-time guarantee, 24/7 customer support via live chat, phone call or ticket logging system, free website building tools and guide and multiple video tutorials and articles. One tip for a customer on 25% off couponis to use it on the most expensive order in order to enjoy higher savings.

Steps to use the 25% off coupon code?

  • Go to www.hostgator.com.
  • Click on web hosting tab.
  • If you scroll down you will see plans such as Hatchling plan, Baby plan and Business plan.
  • With this discount it is recommended to go with the Baby plan. This as a mix of benefits from the Hatchling and Business plan and the most appropriate if you are starting a business.
  • Select the best suited option as per your requirement from the drop down.
  • Click on order now tab.
  • You can select the radio button if it’s a new or an existing domain name and enter the domain name in the blank field.
  • Select the billing cycle.
  • Enter your user name and security pin and keep it secure just in case you don’t remember in future.
  • Enter the billing information.
  • Click on add on’s if you prefer any.
  • Add the coupon code on the HostGator 25% off coupon and click on Validate it.
  • Once you do that it will show the breakup after calculating the discount.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and click on Create Account.

If you haven’t tried out the web hosting services through HostGator now is the time to it and enjoy the additional benefits.

Is Linux Web Hosting Important?

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Published on: July 9, 2014

There are majorly two types of hosting service available, windows and Linux. For all those who are new to the word of hosting, will not be sure on which package to choose and which hosting would offer right type of features. Again, if you consider the files that are to be hosting can run efficiently on both the hosting services then you need to ask if Linux web hosting is better or the windows hosting. The below provided aspects will give you insight on the importance of Linux web hosting.

What is Linux hosting platform?

Linux is nothing but a UNIX oriented platform which is available open source as well. It is also considered to be used as predominantly to web hosting. One of the most important features of Linux hosting would be LAMP. The acronym of LAMP is nothing but Linux, Apache, MariaDB or MySql and the PHP or Perl or Python. These programs can be used much efficiently in Linux than any other hosting platform available in the market. LAMP signifies the association of all these software’s and technologies with server offered as open source. This makes Linux hosting for website as one of the most important solutions to choose for when you are planning for website hosting within a limited budget.


As far as features such FTP access and Mailing and other common features goes, both Linux and windows go hand in hand in reliability. One can easily upload the files from drives.

The significance of Linux hosting

For any business, it’s very important to consider the performance of a product and the budget at the same time. When it comes to hosting, the same would apply as well. Hence, rather than searching for some cheap hosting plans, one must look for hosting plans that are reliable, affordable, dependable and offers budget friendly plans than windows comparatives.

When considering the Linux web hosting, the dedicated servers comprise of several factors that has impact on its cost related to ownership, the charges that are at the initial phase, ongoing costs and the expense included during the use with associated software.

The need for Linux hosting service

While searching for some effective hosting plans one must consider few factors. If there will be increase in traffic, then the hosting servers must be capable of handling it. The plans that are reliable also should be available at affordable and cost-effective rates. When it comes to Linux dedicated servers, they are very famous for reliability, rich and excellent features set. When compared with the rates for the same features with windows hosting, the rates are very cheap with Linux hosting.

Unless you have requirement that is supported by windows plans only, features such as ASP, ADP, .NET or any such applications are to be run, Linux plans must be your primary options. The reason is very simple, they offer much better performance and returns to any investment that is made on web hosting with some exquisite features.

The most significant features of Linux hosting would be the provision of Telnet or SSH access that helps to execute the use data via TCP with CGI offering support with application with browsers.

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